What is University Press?

University Press is a publication model which aims to improve the principles of excellence in education, research, and academic progress of the universities by publishing worldwide.

In this model, the journals within the constitution of the university are brought together under the same roof, and published in a certain format and standards. The aim of this publication model, which began through Oxford University Press and Cambridge University Press in the 15th century and which is still applied by many international universities, is enabling the journals of the universities to be published within the frame of internationally academic publishing standards and to be indexed by international indexes.

The main advantages targeted in the University Press publication model are:

• Publishing university journals at international standards from a single center.
• Listing the journals in international indexes and increasing the Impact Factors. 
• Contributing to the scientific publication experience and performance of academic staff.
• To ensure that the editors of the journal work only on scientific subjects by carrying out all other works of the journal by a professional publisher.